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Geranium x 'Kelly-Anne'
Geranium x 'Kelly-Anne'


Similar growth habit as 'Geranium Rozanne'. Large, 2 1/2" bright pink blossoms with white centers. Better heat tolerance allows for continuous summer bloom. Rabbit and deer resistant.

  • · Similar growing habits as 'Geranium Rozanne'
  • · Bright pink flowers with white centers
  • · Long summer bloom

Uses: garden, border or bed, mass planting, container, long blooming
Sun tolerant, morning sun/afternoon shade
Average soil
Height: 16" - 18"
Plant: 12" - 36" apart
Blooms: summer - early fall
Growability: easy




Common Name: Cranesbill

Hardy geraniums are long blooming and adaptable to a wide range of growing conditions. Some have ornamental foliage for additional appeal. Most bloom heavily in late spring to early summer and then periodically throughout the summer. They are easy to grow and maintenance free. Plant in well-drained soil.

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