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Honeysuckle Sweetberry Sugar Mountain® Kalinka Lonicera caerulea
Sweetberry honeysuckle Sugar Mountain® Kalinka Lonicera caerulea

Shrub. Hardy; edible fruit. Blooms on old wood from early summer through late summer. Native to North America. Deer resistant.

Uses: landscape, mass planting, edible herb
Part sun to sun
Plant in average soil moisture
Height: 60" - 72"
Plant: 60" - 72" apart
Habit: mounded
Growability: easy

Uses Notes:
An excellent addition to home orchards or vegetable gardens. This easy-to-grow native plant is a great way to produce superfruit in your own back yard!

Maintenance Notes:
Adaptable to most moist, well-drained soils. Water regularly, especially when first planted. Apply a controlled-release fertilizer in spring. Pruning is generally not needed, but established plants may be thinned up to 25% in late winter/early spring.

High-yielding berry plant for the home garden!

It's easy to grow superfruit in your own backyard! Much easier to grow than blueberries, this native shrub produces sweet blue fruit in summer. Plant more than one variety for the best fruit set. This very high-yielding selection has fruits about 1" long; it is a good pollinator for Sugar Mountain Blue haskap. Available in better garden centers Spring 2015.

Sugar Mountain® Kalinka Lonicera caerulea 'Indigo' N/A

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