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Astilbe chinensis 'Black Pearls'
Astilbe chinensis 'Black Pearls'

Mid-late season bloomer, fantastic new color! Large flower plumes are purple with a hint of blue and the foliage is dark green, stems are sturdy and won't flop over.
  • Feather flowers are upright
  • Great for color in the shade
  • Great when combined with Hosta and Ligularia

Astilbe produce large plumes in various sizes and shapes. Each plume consists of hundreds of tiny flowers, each opening in succession, providing a long season of bloom. Plumes make excellent fresh cuts or for drying in natural bouquets. Astilbe grow best in moist soils and semi-shade. Will tolerate more sun with adequate moisture. Excellent for the woodland garden. Plant in mass for a stunning display.

Uses: long blooming, containers, good cut flower/foliage
Morning sun, afternoon shade. Shade tolerant.
Prefers average soil
Height: 20" - 28" tall
Spread: 12" - 15"
Growability: easy


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