Parrans has everything you need for Fall Decorating

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Parrans Greenhouse - Some Of Our Favorite Plants

Dill Fernleaf Calibrachoa Cabaret California Poppy Hollyhock Queeny Purple
Dill Fernleaf - flavorful leaves and seeds Calibrachoa Cabaretâ„¢ Million Bells  - prufusion of blooms California Poppy - great accent plant Alcea rosea Hollyhock 'Queeny Purple'
Snapdragon Hosta Plantain Lily 'Moonstruck' Jupiters Beard 'Albiflorus' Bitterroot Lewisia cotyledon 'Elise'
Snapdragon - drought tolerant Hosta Plantain Lily 'Moonstruck' Centranthus ruber Jupiters Beard 'Albiflorus' Bitterroot Lewisia cotyledon 'Elise'

Main Store: 5355 Secor Rd, Ida MI
Satellite Store: 1144 West Front St, Monroe, MI

Parrans is closed for the season.
See you in the spring!

Seasonal Hours: April 19th through October 31st