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Perennial Herbs by Parran's Greenhouse

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Catmint Nepeta Sweet Dreams Nepeta vervosa Catmint Blue Moon Catnip
Catmint Nepeta 'Sweet Dreams' Nepeta vervosa Catmint 'Blue Moon' Catnip - grows in hard to grow places
Chives Garlic Chives Dill Fernleaf
Chives - known as onion chives Garlic Chives - pretty in the garden Dill Fernleaf - flavorful leaves and seeds
Oregano Parsley Peppermint
Oregano - hot, spicy, aromatic Parsley - a biennial Peppermint - vigorous grower
Rosemary Sage Salvia Sage Salvia Tricolor
Rosemary - aromatic, flavorful leaves Sage Salvia - aromatic, flavorful leaves Sage Salvia Tricolor
Spearmint Tarragon Thyme
Spearmint - prolific grower Tarragon - licorice aroma Thyme - herb and great ground cover for flower beds