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Astilbe Chinensis 'Maggie Daley'
Astilbe Chinensis 'Maggie Daley'

False Spirea. Mid, chinensis hybrid with dark green shiny foliage, dense upright plumes of bright lavender-purple flowers, vigorous grower and moderately drought tolerant.

Astilbe produce large plumes in various sizes and shapes. Each plume consists of hundreds of tiny flowers, each opening in succession, providing a long season of bloom. Plumes make excellent fresh cuts or for drying in natural bouquets. Astilbe grow best in moist soils and semi-shade. Will tolerate more sun with adequate moisture. Excellent for the woodland garden. Plant in mass for a stunning display.

Chinensis Astible: This group is often the last Astilbe to bloom. Plants are generally more heat and drought tolerant, lending themselves to areas where other Astilbe fair poorly. Foliage is mostly coarsely textured and stems are thick and sturdy. Heights are varied from the shortest to the tallest but flower plumes are mostly narrow and upright.
Uses: garden beds, mass planting, containers, woodland garden
Morning sun, afternoon shade. Shade tolerant.
Prefers average soil
Height: 28" tall
Spread: 12" - 15"
Growability: easy


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