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Chokeberry - Aronia - Melanocarpa 'Iroquois Beauty™'
Black Chokeberry Aronia Melanocarpa 'Iroquois Beauty'

The melanocarpa species of Chokeberry are a little easier to use in the landscape when compared to other types because of its dwarf size and pleasing form. These shrubs will tolerate a wide range of soils, including wet soil. For best fruit production, plant in full sun.

Selected for it's dwarf form, Iroquois Beauty™ stays much smaller than the species, showy white flowers appear in spring with purple-black fruit to follow, vibrant orange-red fall foliage.

Fall Interest. Attracts butterflies and songbirds. Long blooming.
Uses: landscape, mass planting
Shrub type: deciduous, mounded
Blooms early summer to late summer
Morning sun, afternoon shade, sun tolerant
Height: 24" - 36"
Spread: 18" - 30"
Average soil
Growability: easy


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