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Blueberry 'Northcountry' Vaccinium
Blueberry 'Northcountry' Vaccinium

Introduced by the University of Minnesota and selected for its low stature and resistance to winter injury, attractive sky blue color and a sweet, wild blueberry flavor, known to produce 3 - 5 pounds of fruit on a single mature plant.

Blueberries are very popular in home gardens because they can grow in a small space, even in containers. Most blueberries will produce a small harvest by their 3rd year, but won't really begin to produce fully until about year 6. Blueberries are a large species of flowering and fruiting shrubs, that are native to North America.
  • Half-high blueberry
  • Early-mid season fruit
  • Wild blueberry flavor

Uses: fruit, container, naturalizing
Sun tolerant
Prefers dry to average soil
Height: 24" - 36" tall
Plant 24" apart
Habit: mounded
Growability: easy


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