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Butterfly Bush Buddleia Davidll 'Bicolor'
Butterfly Bush Davidll 'Bicolor'

Fast growing deciduous shrub with tremendous late summer bloom. These plants are butterfly magnets with their large, honey-scented blooms. Mulch in colder climates.

A selection from Dr. Michael Dirr, the large 4 - 6" long trusses have multicolored flowers of orange and lavender and all shades inbetween, very fragrant and attractive grey-green foliage, spectacular color for the garden. The first buddleia with bicolor flowers.
Long clusters of flowers on drooping stems attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Deer resistant. Blooms July - August.

Uses: tall borders, backgrounds, cut flowers
Prefers well drained soil
Height: 4' - 6' tall
Plant 5' - 6' apart
Growability: easy


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