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Burnet Sanguisorba 'Little Angel
Burnet Sanguisorba 'Little Angel

Compact plant with very cute, strawberry-red button-shaped flowers over tidy green and white variegated foliage. Blooms midsummer to fall. Attracts butterflies.


Common Name: Burnet

Fuzzy, catkin-like flowers sway above foliage generating interest for months. Prefers full sun and heavy soil that stays wet. Blooms in summer, attracts butterflies, and great for naturalizing.

Strawberry-red button-shaped flowers
Blooms midsummer to fall
Tidy green and white variegated foliage

Uses: good container plant, evergreen
Sun tolerant. Morning sun, afternoon shade
Height: 15" - 19"
Plant: 12" - 24" apart
Soil: moist
Blooms summer - early fall
Growability: easy


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