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Coral Bells 'Black Forest Cake' Heuchera
Coral Bells 'Black Forest Cake' Heuchera


Smooth, dark chocolately foliage topped with bright cherry-red flowers. Medium sized and excellent habit; great for containers and garden beds.

  • · Dark chocolatey foliage
  • · Bright cheery-red flowers
  • · Excellent habit

Uses: containers, landscape, border plant, cut flower
Morning sun to afternoon shade - sun tolerant
Plant in average soil moisture in soil with good drainage. Tolerates dry soil.
Height: 6" - 12"
Plant: 12" apart
Growability: easy

Suitable for containers, attract butterflies and hummingbirds.




Common Name: Coral Bells

Heuchera are clumping perennials with very colorful foliage and exquisite spikes of small bell-shaped flowers. Recent breeding efforts have added many new color variations to this genus. All grow well in partial shade and well-drained soil. They tolerate more sun with sufficient moisture. Plants bloom early to mid-summer.

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