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Coral Bells 'Marmalade' Heuchera
Coral Bells 'Marmalade' Heuchera


Larger and more vigorous grower than 'Amber Waves' with a bit more red coloring. Rich shiny undulating leaves range in color from pumpkin to rusty-red; matching small reddish flowers in early summer adds to the ensemble.

  • · Leaves range in color from pumpkin to rusty red
  • · Shiny undulating leaves
  • · Reddish flowers in early summer

Uses: containers, landscape, border plant, cut flower
Full shade to part shade
Plant in average soil moisture in soil with good drainage
Height: 10"
Plant: 12" - 18" apart
Growability: easy

Suitable for containers, Shade tolerant, Deer resistant, attract butterflies and hummingbirds.


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