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Dwarf Winged Burning Bush Euonymus Alatus 'Compactus'
Euonymus Alatus 'Compactus'

One of the easiest shrubs to grow. Burning Bush can tolerate a wide variety of growing conditions, even a nearby Black Walnut tree. It's best feature of course, is the bright red fall leaf color, bu this adaptable deciduous shrub can grow just about anywhere except poorly drained soils. Corky, winged bark adds interest in winter to early spring.

It's called Burning Bush for a reason, the fire engine red fall leaf color is shockingly vivid in the landscape, tolerant of part shade but plant in full sun for best fall color, it takes well to shearing if it gets too tall, works as a hedge or screen but can hold it's own as a foundation plant, drought tolerant, thrives with little care.

Uses: landscape, mass planting
Sun tolerant
Flowers - late spring, early summer
Height: 6' - 8'
Spread: 8' - 10'
Dry average soil
Growability: easy


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