Peppers Hot
Hot Pepper

Alternative Views:

Cherry Hot - Green cherry-shaped peppers turn red when mature. Heavy cropper. Maturity 80 days.
Ghost - Alleged to be among world's hottest! Use with caution. Clusters of 2 - 3" orange-red fruit. Maturity 85 - 100 days.
Habanero - Blazing hot, wrinkled green fruit ripen to yellowish-orange. Maturity 95 days.
Hot Banana - Long, tapered fruit is commonly yellow but sometimes red. Use fresh, canned or pickling. Maturity 65 - 75 days.
Jalapeno - Tapered, deep green chili pepper matures to red. Maturity 65 - 75 days.
Medium Hot Block - An excellent choice for salads, stews, casseroles. Maturity 65 - 75 days
Poblano - Long, flat chilies are dark green, ripening to reddish brown. Maturity 55 - 60 days.
Red Chili - Very hot flavor good for drying and sauces. Pick green or red. Maturity 80 - 85 days.
Serrano - Slim fruits are green to red. Use for pickling, sauce. Maturity 75 - 80 days.
Sweet Heat - Sweet, mildly spicy. Use for grilling or salsa. Red or green. Maturity 56 days.
Tabasco - Small, pungent hot pepper. Green turning yellow. Maturity 80 days.
Thai Hot - Hot red peppers are great in Asian cuisine. Maturity 50 - 70 days.

Uses: eaten raw or cooked
Full sun
Plant in well drained soil
Plant 18" - 24" apart
Rows 24" - 36" apart
Growability: easy


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