Tomatoes That Are Not Red
Tomatoes That Are Not Red

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Try growing something a bit unique - tomatoes in other colors besides red!

Amana Orange (Beefstake) - Large, beefsteak-type mild fruit. Maturity 90 days.
Aunt Ruby's German Green - Green beefstake with a delicious sweet yet spicy flavor. Maturity 80 days.
Black Prince - Deep red fruits rich in flavor and full of juice. Use for slicing. Maturity 70 days.
Brandymaster Pink - Large pink tomatoes are meaty and rich. Maturity 80 days.
Carolina Gold - Abundant fruit is flavorful and attractive. Stake for best results. Midseason.
Garden Peach - Slicing tomato. Small 2 ounce yellow fruit. Maturity 75 days.
Golden Girl - VFNTA. Low acid, high yields with a mild, sweet flavor. Maturity 69 days.
Golden Honey Bunch - Bite sized fruits have a sweet flavor. Indeterminate. Maturity 75 days.
Golden Jubilee - An All American Selection Winner. Large, smooth-skinned yellow fruit has low acidity. Maturity 75 days.
Great White - Big, flattened, meaty fruit with a creamy texture and sweet taste. Maturity 85 days.
Green Zebra - Small round tomatoes ripen to bright green, with stripes of light green. Maturity 75 - 90 days. Keep watered.
Jelly Bean Yellow - Bite-sized brilliant yellow grape tomatoes burst with flavor. Maturity 70 days.
Lemon Boy - VFN Clear yellow, delicious 7 ounce fruit. Can be staked. F1 hyb. Maturity 72 days.
Mr Stripey - Large, red and yellow striped heirloom. Mild flavor, low acid. Maturity 80 days.
Old German - Heirloom variety. Huge fruit, great for slicing. Indeterminate. Maturity 75 days.
Pineapple - Heirloom tomato with great flavor. Bicolor fruit up to two pounds. Maturity 85 days.
Ponderosa Pink - Large, pink, meaty fruit with mild flavor and low acidity. Maturity 85 - 95 days.
Rainbow Blend - A unique blend of colorful and tasty heirloom tomatoes. Maturity 75 - 100 days.
Snow White - A sweet, fruity cherry type with full flavor. Indeterminable. Maturity 74 days.
Striped German - Bicolor fruit. Good fruity flavor and smooth. Maturity 78 days.
Tomatillo - Fruit 2" in diameter. Harvest with green. Remove husks before cooking. Maturity 70 days.
Tye Dye - High yielding, bicolor gold/red, mild tomato. Disease resistant. Maturity 78 days.
Yellow Pear - Tiny, yellow pear-shaped fruit. Delicate flavor. Maturity 75 days.

Full sun
Plant in well drained soil
Plant 24" - 36" apart
Rows 36" - 48" apart
Growability: easy


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