Tomatoes That Are Small or Bite Sized
Tomatoes That Are Small or Bite Sized

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Nothing better then to pop a bite sized tomato in your mouth fresh from the garden! Here is a list of the smaller tomato varieties that we carry.

Gardener's Delight - Quality, bite-sized red tomatoes burst with flavor. High yields. Maturity 65 days.
Golden Honey Bunch - Bite-sized fruits have a sweet flavor. Maturity 75 days.
Green Zebra - Small round tomatoes ripen to bright green, with stripes of light green.
Grape - Sweet-tasting small fruits are great in salads or for snacking. Maturity 60 days.
Jelly Bean Grape Tomato - Clusters of bright red oblong fruit, sweet in flavor. Maturity 66 days.
Jelly Bean Yellow - Bite-sized brilliant yellow grape tomatoes burst with flavor. Maturity 70 days.
Patio - Tasty 3-4 oz fruit. Good for container gardening. Maturity 70 days. F1 Hyb.
Red Cherry Large - Half-dollar-sized fruits are sweet and mild. Good for pots. Maturity 75 days.
Red Robin - Clusters of bright red fruit on petite 12" plants. Maturity 55 days.
Snow White - A sweet, fruity cherry type with full flavor. Indeterminate. Maturity 74 days.
Sweet 100 Cherry - Large clusters of sweet cherry-sized fruits. Can be staked. Maturity 65 days. F1
Tomatoberry Garden - Clusters of deep red heart-shaped fruit, sweet in flavor. Maturity 60 days.
Totem - Grow at home on your deck. Use for cooking, canning or slicing. Maturity 70 days.

Full sun
Plant in well drained soil
Plant 24" - 36" apart
Rows 36" - 48" apart
Growability: easy


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